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What Others Are Saying About Us. . .

Sherrill Barbary
Daughter of a Rose Gifts
Joyce Reid -- Leader Extraordinaire!  Have been working in this industry for over 20 years.  Have known Joyce Reid and have known of Joyce for just about that length of time.  Beginning in that time, I have been a beneficiary of Joyce's leadership and vast knowledge, and I hope I have been able to, in some way and can continue to, impart my bit of knowledge with others in the same fashion as she has.  

Joyce works in the gift basket industry educating others for the betterment of all of us.

I'm glad to know her, and it is a pleasure to be an internet friend.  I hope to one day meet her face to face.  

Joyce, thank you for all you do.  You are an asset to so many, and I am happy to know you and so greatly appreciate what you do for us.  You are a gem!  Bless you, and stay well.
Sherrill Barbary
Daughter of a Rose Gifts
Cell:         609.513.4222

Debbie Matthews
Baskets By Ms Dee

Joyce has been an exceptional mentor and business coach to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom has been invaluable to me in my learning the gifting business. 

Joyce continuously provides support, encouragement and innovative ideas to help the members of the gifting association to grow their business and attain success. 

I am always constantly amazed of how she finds time to master the many hats she wears, while always quick to respond to a call for help.  Joyce, my hat is off to you for all that you do for the gift basket industry and know that I appreciate you!

Debbie Mathews
Baskets by Ms Dee, LLC

Roberta (Bobbie) Rodgers

Joyce Reid is a pioneer in our gift basket industry.  In the original magazine for our industry,  “Gift Basket Review,” Joyce’s gift basket business, Creative Gifts to Go,” was listed as one of the top companies in the country.  She later wrote many articles in Cherie Reagor’s “Rave Reviews” magazine with helpful messages and advice.  She eventually formed “Gift Basket Network” and has a Facebook group for the gift basket industry.  Gift retailers are also given the opportunity to list their business’ information on a national referral site, including  pictures of each company’s work, which is very helpful.  Joyce has written many e-books that are available for downloading that have been helpful to many people, whether beginners or seasoned veterans like myself.

Roberta (Bobbie) Rodgers

Custom Gifts & Balloon Décor

Eve Viens
Owner of Corporate Gifts Boston

Joyce Reid has been one of the Industry stalwarts for many many years.   

She has been happy to share the secrets to her success in her many businesses time and time again.   Including any of the mistakes she has made along the way, to aid those new to the business.

Her informative newsletters are succinct and to the point, and include many different aspects from other Industry experts in their own specialty area. 

Her prices are affordable and give back more than the Dollar figure paid in advise and perspective.

Thank you Joyce !

Leola Laroche

I am very happy that I joined Joyce at the Gift Basket Network.  After trying other networking sites I have to say that I feel right at home with Joyce and all the members of the network.

Joyce is neither opinionated nor judgmental...she gives helpful hints, ideas and whatever else is asked for without judgment.

She seems to know just what her members need even before we do.

Brenda Williams
Brenda's English Teas and Gift Baskets

I have been associated with Joyce Reid of Gift Basket Network for approximately 3 years, during which time her guidance and knowledge has propelled me into new ideas, thinking outside of the box and giving me new challenges.  I so look forward to her monthly newsletter they are so enlightening.  In fact, sometimes I feel she is directing her comments directly to me!

Brenda Williams
Brenda’s English Teas and Gift Baskets

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