What Did you Learn?

Remember that girl called Goldilocks? How she broke into the house of the Three Bears? And how she ate their porridge, sat in their chairs, and slept on their beds? All while the three bears felt that their little home in the forest was safe and secure while they went into the woods for a … Read more

Coaches, Money Goals, and Baloney

I am being bombarded by emails from so called “business and life coaches” who think they know something about both. They keep telling me that I need to set my “money goals” for 2018 if I want to be successful either in life or business. BALONEY! In the e-book “Your Gift Basket Business – From Good … Read more

Using Decoys to Guide Customer Choices

Have you ever had trouble trying to decide between two different products?  Your customers may be having the same problem. Using a bit of psychology can help them make up their mind. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have used brain scans to prove that adding another product, that is very similar but less attractive … Read more

Summer and Balance

What does Summer Mean to YOU? Relaxing and playing or a gentle balance of life The lazy, crazy days of summer are here. Summer can be a tricky time when we’re running a business.  The green leaves and luscious flowers that follow a cold wet winter tempt us to put business on the back burner … Read more

What Are Your Niches?

What Are Your Niches? Don’t think you have niches? Think again.  And here is why you should, if you ready don’t. One of the best things that you can do to make sure your website is found is to develop your products and blog content around keywords and phrases that are more than just the … Read more