Marketing with Hashtags

  A Marketing Tip That You Are Probably Not Using We, as small gift companies, are fighting not only Amazon but also the search engines themselves for placement in “search results.”  Catering to ad revenue over actual information, Google and the search engines will list all those companies that pay Google before listing companies that … Read more

Your Creative Entrepreneur Thinking Cap

In today’s world, customers are looking for value when making a purchase more than ever before. Sending a gift is still an accepted way to express feelings–regardless of the occasion. But that gift has to be more than just an ordinary gift. That gift has to be special. It has to speak louder than words. … Read more

Why Should You Learn SEO?

Do You Understand SEO? Why Should You? I’m going to be blunt here. If you don’t like blunt, just skip this article and move on. I’ve heard over and over from people in our industry that they want our magazine and the information that we provide to be just about design with lots of pretty … Read more

How to Make a Bow

Learning how to make a bow for a “wow” presentation is easy if you know the techniques.  As with anything practice helps.  There is no one right way or one method to make a beautiful bow.  I suggest that you try as many different methods as you can find and then choose the one that … Read more

Business Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election

2016 presidential election

Business Lessons from the Presidential Election The election that ended on November 8th with a result that shocked the world provides some valuable insights to operating a business. Don’t worry, this is not going to be a political article.  I’ve made it very clear how I feel on my personal Facebook page but politics and … Read more