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Three Tips for Greater Happiness in Your Business.

Many people start a business because they are trying to escape something in their life that makes them unhappy.  And then they discover that the demands of their business are also making them unhappy. True happiness comes from within and we have to decide for ourselves how happy we will be but here are some tips for…

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Should You Use Text Messaging for Marketing?

Should you use text messaging for Marketing?

Should You Use Text Messaging for Marketing? One thing to be aware of when marketing your business is that using text messaging to market may lose you customers rather than gain them. People tend to think that everyone loves text messaging and that everyone has smartphones and that everyone has free unlimited data on their…

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When Disaster Hits Your Business!

Businesses go out of business for many reasons.  But one of the major reasons is just not sticking it out long enough. Starting a business is easy.  It’s sticking it out and growing your business that is hard.  All of us have had days, weeks, or even months when we’ve wondered if it is worth it.  No…

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Business Spotlight- Mary Babiez-Thoughtful Presence

Mary Babiez - Thoughtful Presence

Mary Babiez – Owner of Thoughtful Presence For Mary Babiez , having her own business was a lifelong dream.  But she kept putting it off waiting until the time was right.  After working for Hyatt Hotels for five years and United Airlines for ten, she finally realized that the time would never be perfect.  If…

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Four Important Tips for the Gift Business Owner

Gift Basket Network Success Express

I have just read a blog post from one of my favorite  Internet Marketing people on the web.  It was a “end of the year Kick Butt” type of post.  And it really made me think.  Many of the things that she said applies directly to me because, in addition to gift baskets, I am…

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