2021 Marketing Calendar Ideas

How are you marketing your business? Do you wait until October or November to begin marketing your business? If you think marketing begins in October and ends on January 1st, think again. Although the prime holiday season is the month of December, marketing for it should begin on January 1st and never stop until the … Read more

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Business Owners

Regardless of what you sell, each and every one of us is in the marketing business.  The failure or success  of a business depends on its marketing. But we frequently spin our wheels thinking we are doing it right and wondering why it isn’t working. I’ve put together some common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when they … Read more

View Your Website with Fresh Eyes

During a month when things are quieter is a good time to take another look at your website and decide if you can do anything to make it better. Your website is an important part of your marketing efforts so should not be neglected.  A little tweaking can make a big difference It’s a good … Read more

Your Marketing Calendar

Habits are built as a result of repetition. The philosopher Aristotle said many hundreds of years ago that “we are what we repeatedly do.” And this applies as much to where your customers buy gifts as much as it does to losing weight or smoking. It also applies to you. Have you created the Marketing Habit? … Read more

The Website Marketing Wheel

A website is not like the Field of Dreams.  You can’t just build it and hope your customers will come.  It takes marketing with a number of different spokes in that marketing wheel. Many of the successful online businesses, particularly the large ones, have a highly specialized marketing staff running their SEO and marketing. But by … Read more