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Here is what the former publisher of Rave Reviews has to say about Gift Retailers Connection magazine:

Congratulations Joyce and team! Your magazine is  filled with beautiful designs and insightful articles that I’m sure your readers enjoy. I know many in the industry miss Rave Reviews Magazine and your  online publication will surely help to fill that void. I thank you for stepping up to the plate and hope that industry members will support your new endeavor by subscribing, so that you can continue to bring valuable information their way. While I am having a blast in my new venture, my thoughts are always with my many friends and associates in the gift and gourmet industry, and I wish all of you continued success! I hope that you will all support the actions of Joyce, Sandee, and Pam as they share with you the years of valuable expertise that will only make your businesses stronger!
All The Best!
Cherie Reagor

And another leader in our industry:

Congratulations to you and the staff on your launch. I plan to share this information with my blog readers and on my Facebook fan and group pages.
Wishing you the very best,
Shirley George Frazier Gift Basket Industry Expert and Author

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