Writer’s Guidelines

About GiftBasketNetworkINSIDER magazine:

The magazine was first published March 1, 2010 as a bi-monthly digital publication of 50 – 60 pages.  Several years later, it was changed to a monthly digital publication with 20-25 pages.  It is sent to our subscribers as a pdf file on the first day of each month.  The mission is to provide quality information that will help both new and experienced gift basket company owners grow their business.  We do not currently pay for submissions but provide a bio of the author and links to his/her website.  Writers also receive a copy of the magazine in which their article appears.  A sample copy of the magazine can be downloaded here.

What We’re Looking For:

You are invited to submit a proposal or a completed article about anything related to the gift and gift basket industry.  This includes design, marketing, current events and how they affect the industry, gift basket themes and/or holidays, operation of retail based or home based business, or any other topic that would benefit members of the industry.  Our readership consists of both men and women, primarily from the United States or Canada, who are operating a gift basket company.  Some are start-ups while others are established, profitable businesses that have been established for many years.  We encourage our writers to submit photos with their articles when appropriate.  We ask that the articles be original and not published elsewhere.  The articles may be edited if needed.  The magazine is copyrighted and we own the copyright to everything published in it.

We are also interested in a monthly column series of approximately 500 words per column.

How to Submit Your Proposal or Article:

Articles should be submitted in a doc format (Word doc or similar).  Length should be as long as needed to say what you want to say.  Since the magazine is a digital publication, changes can easily be made up until a week or so of publication.   Submissions should be made to the editor, Joyce Reid, at giftbasketnetwork@gmail.com.  You will always receive a response.