Be Like Henry – May 2021

Be Like Henry was founded with a mission of healing people and their dogs.  While most of the world was keeping a low profile in 2020, BLH shot onto the non-profit scene to make an impact.  The
highlights of the year included:Donating 17,500 Kn95 masks to first responders in all 50 states, DC, Iraq & Afghanistan

Funding construction of kennels at the Domestic Violence Shelter of the YWCA in Nashville so women could escape violent situations WITH their dogs

Outfitting all of the K9 patrol cars in our local Police Department so the vehicles wouldn’t put the dogs at risk if overheating

Funded construction of a play yard with toys, benches, etc. at the shelter in AL that saved one of my adopted dog’s lives

Donating 12,814 lbs. of dog food throughout the South to struggling shelters and rescues

All kinds of relief after the hurricane in Nashville (collars, leashes, clothing, veterinary medical supplies, dog ID tags, etc.)

We are looking for gift basket companies who would want to partner with us to expand our donations.  So far in the first quarter of 2021, we exceeded the dog food donations of ALL of 2020.  Our goal is 50,000 lbs. this year.

So, how can you help?

Let us know if you want to learn ways to increase sales while supporting a non-profit cause.

If you are a dog lover and know of a struggling shelter, let me know.

If you want to involve your clients in a dog mission, I will show you the steps to do it successfully.

As I close in on retirement from my basket business I can finally dedicate myself to updating the
website with all of our projects. (We can all relate to being behind with our websites, am I right??)  Meanwhile, let’s work together to complete a few more projects to include there.  You’ll get your
company’s name on it for added visibility and free PR and we’ll get to make a difference right in our own back yards.

Cheryl Pliskin, CEO & Founder    Be Like Henry



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