What Is Great Marketing?

What Is Great Marketing?

That’s the question that has been asked ever since the serpent  marketed the apple to Eve.  It’s like searching for the holy grail or the lost ark. Why couldn’t we just dissect the marketing of a big company like Wine Country or Gifttree and duplicate what they do?  Because it wouldn’t work. Why?  Because most … Read more

A Gift to help you gain an unfair advantage in your business!

Gift Business Success Magazine

Did you know that the SBA reports that In 2019, the failure rate of startups was around 90%. Research shows that  30% fail  in the second year, 50% in the fifth year, and 70% in their 10th year.  If your business has outlived these averages, pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it! You must be doing … Read more

Free Gifts

An interesting concept on how to use Free Gifts Everyone loves free!  A great way to market your business is to give away a free gift–either with an order, to potential customers, to existing customers, at events, or whereever you meet the public.  But, consider a uniquely different concept. How about having someone else give … Read more

Why Are You in Business

Why Are YOU in Business? If you’re in business, you’re in it to sell. This is absolutely the first tenet. The whole purpose of being in business is to sell services or products to people who need them, allowing you to make profits in the process. You’re in business to make money. To earn a … Read more

What Is Marketing

What is Marketing and Why You Need It! When I was a little girl during WWII, my mother, sister, and I lived with my grandparents on their farm in Perdido, Alabama. The main part of town was tiny with a couple general stores, a masonic lodge, a Methodist and a Baptist church, and the post … Read more