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Gift Basket Network is all about helping you build and grow the gift business of your dreams and create the success you want while making friends and having fun.  Whether you are working a full-time job and toying with the idea of starting your own business or you're already a business owner looking for more support and help to grow, we've got you covered.

Planning Your Business

Planning A Gift Basket Business

By Joyce | Aug 8, 2022

You’ve decided to start a  business.  But before you make the big announcement, you need to do some preliminary work to make sure that it … Continue

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One page business Plan

The One Page Business Plan

By Joyce | Aug 8, 2022

PLAN Is a Good Four Letter Word Introducing the One-Page Business Plan The One-Page Business Plan isn’t for everyone.  But with simple, easy to use … Continue

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The Pros and Cons of a Gift Basket Business

By Joyce | Aug 7, 2022

I realize now that many of the ideas and reasons for starting my new business were unrealistic.  There was much that I didn’t know or … Continue

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Turning Business Ideas into Results

By Joyce | Mar 14, 2022

All too often, new business owners come on strong when they start.  They spend lots of time and money telling people all about their new … Continue

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Are You Marketing Sympathy Gifts?

By Joyce Reid | Dec 28, 2021

Are you missing out on a niche market that affects everyone at some time or other.  Unfortunately, none of us lives forever.  Everyone dies–whether we … Continue

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Planning My Business Journey for Success

Planning Your Strategy for Success

By Joyce | Dec 20, 2021

The busiest quarter of the year for our industry will soon be behind us.  You are most likely feeling  overwhelmed by lack of sleep and … Continue

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You can Make a Difference. The Choice is Yours

The Choice is Yours

By Joyce | Dec 19, 2021

Make this world a better place. Make this industry a better place. Make your home a better place.  A tall order?  Impossible?  Not at all.  … Continue

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It’s Not the Numbers that Count

By Joyce | Sep 14, 2021

I never thought that I could relate to a famous actor but today I do.  The actor is Clint Eastwood.  He is 91 years old … Continue

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Marketing Reality Check

By Joyce | May 11, 2021

When I started my business I knew that I did NOT want to be in the consumer end of it. I did not want to … Continue

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