Extraordinary Success Comes with Action

person of valueI’m thinking out loud right now (and writing as I do so) so bear with me. There has recently (maybe not so recently — maybe for a long time) a lot of beautiful quotes overlaid onto pictures about how to be successful in business and in person. As a matter of fact, I posted one yesterday and will probably continue to do so periodically.

We look at them, like them and sometimes even share them. But do they really mean anything to us? Do they make us a better person or business owner? I doubt it. I think that we admire them and then forget as we move on to the next one.

They provide encouragement but little else as far as I can tell. What is it that we really need in order to be better individuals and better business owners?

I think the answer is to make a decision deep inside ourselves — in our own heart, soul, and mind. And then to follow up on that decision with creative ideas and action.

If we are unhappy; if we feel we don’t have enough time, motivation, or age is against us; if we know we are unhealthy — there’s only one thing to do. And that is to CHANGE IT. And only we can do that.

It takes a desire but that is not enough. It takes a decision and a commitment to get up every morning determined to make that change. It won’t happen all at once but little changes add up to big ones.

We are individuals — each with our own struggles, problems, and dreams. But extraordinary success is achieved by ordinary people who desire it enough to commit to it and to work at it. And most of the time, that isn’t us. We prefer to read and admire all the quotes and then get on with our day of just being an ordinary person who has dreams but are not committed enough to take action.

So let’s all get creative. I'[m talking to myself as well. You will surprise yourself and may even surprise the world!

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