Your Creative Entrepreneur Thinking Cap

Creative Entrepreneur Thinking CapIn today’s world, customers are looking for value when making a purchase more than ever before. Sending a gift is still an accepted way to express feelings–regardless of the occasion. But that gift has to be more than just an ordinary gift. That gift has to be special. It has to speak louder than words.

Our customers have all sorts of options for gifts. They don’t have to send a gift basket. They can send flowers, a gift card, a book, a cake, cookies, or any number of other things instead of a gift basket.

If all you offer is a traditional gift basket, you may be left behind.

I can hear you now. “But I don’t want to have to carry a lot of gift inventory. This box of cookies that I bought can be used in any gift basket that I create. Buying more stuff just isn’t practical with today’s economics.”

All of that is true. But you are a CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR, aren’t you?

Creative Entrepreneurs think outside the box–and even outside the container.

Let’s start with the box. We use lots of themed gift boxes in this business. It’s how you use them that can make all the difference.

You’ll find the Boxco Doctor’s Bag box on just about every gift basket website. But look at how it’s used. Some people theme it with Dr. Feelgood. Others fill it with cookies. There are those who incorporate a teddy bear. It can be used for a Get Well gift, a gift to welcome a new doctor to the hospital, a gift to say “Thank You for Being a Great Doctor and Taking Such Good Care Of Me”.

But really thinking outside of the box, it could be used as a housewarming gift filled with move-in necessities and called “Doctor Welcome to the Rescue.”

Take a look at all those Boxco gift boxes that you have on your shelves. Put on that “Creative Entrepreneur Thinking Cap” and think of other new and exciting uses for them. In other words, “think outside the box!”

Now, let’s take that box of cookies that you bought because it could fit in any gift basket. Is your Creative Entrepreneur thinking cap still on? What can you do differently with it? How can you make it an inexpensive gift of it’s own?

There’s wrapping paper, labels, gift containers and more that can be used. I could give you suggestions but I’m not the only Creative Entrepreneur online. You have to be one too! My purpose is to guide you to the new sparkling, clear water. Now it’s up to you whether you drink or go back to that comfortable, familiar old watering hole.

So think outside that box and suggest some ideas that you came up with when you put on your Creative Entrepreneur Thinking Cap! Share your thoughts and pictures of how you think outside the box in the comments. .

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